metabolic complications

Metabolic complications of prostate cancer

The treatment of metabolic complications in patients with advanced prostate cancer improves quality of life and survival.
Radical Prostatectomy - Preoperative and Postoperative Care

Intermittent hormone therapy

Intermittent hormone therapy is used to control advanced prostate cancer. The patient is left untreated for some time and resumes based on PSA.
hormone therapy treats prostate cancer

Does hormone therapy treat prostate cancer?

Hormone therapy treats high-risk and advanced prostate cancer. It is a strategy used to cause prostate cancer cell death.
hormone therapy for prostate cancer

Hormone therapy for advanced prostate cancer

Hormone therapy for advanced prostate cancer is indicated when the cancer is locally advanced and / or advanced. More than 90% has a positive response.
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Advanced prostate cancer - Signs and symptoms

Advanced prostate cancer means the disease has left the prostate and spread to other sites (metastases), such as lymph nodes or bones.
Prostate Cancer - Signs and Symptoms

Prostate cancer - Signs and symptoms

Prostate cancer at first does not produce signs and symptoms. It occurs at an older age than patients with BPH, and they have the same symptoms.
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