Prof. Centenary Dr. Fernando Gentil

Prof. Centenary Dr. Fernando Gentil. Today I was surprised to read a post from a doctor on WhatsApp that I am part of the former doctors of [...]
T1 Stadium Bladder Cancer

T1 Stadium Bladder Cancer: The Challenge

T1 stage bladder cancer has a recurrence, progression, and mortality rate in 10 years of 74,3%, 33,3%, and 12,3%, respectively.
Menopause Cystitis - Why Does It Occur More Frequently?

Cystectomy with neobexiga. Which is?

Neoplastic cystectomy is the urinary reservoir made after bladder withdrawal. It should be performed accurately to avoid postoperative complications
ERAS Protocol - Why You Should Know?

ERAS Protocol - Why should you know?

The ERAS protocol is a set of measures adopted in the perioperative period of surgery to minimize complications and reduce hospitalization time.
Re-RTU of bladder tumor operated. Why do?

Re-RTU of bladder tumor operated. Why do?

The re-RTU of the high-grade bladder tumor is essential in the treatment of these carcinomas. These tumors reappear with new polyps from 30 to 70% of cases.
treatment of urinary retention

Cystectomy - What you need to know

Cystectomy is a challenge for any cancer surgeon. A multidisciplinary team should help you to achieve excellence in the postoperative period.
bladder cancer prevention

Prevention of Bladder Cancer

Prevention of bladder cancer may be possible as long as you remove your risk factors. It is common in men because of the greater exposure to risk factors.
Bladder Cancer - What You Need To Know?

Bladder Cancer - What Do You Need To Know?

Bladder cancer presents as a vegetative lesion in the bladder lumen. The most frequent is urothelial carcinoma. The most important sign is bleeding.
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